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Muuseh Omar Sarah Jessop ENG4U1 January 14th, 2019 Night and Life of Pi essay Surviving is never easy particularly when you are in difficult situation. To give you a background knowledge about this book, Life of Pi is a Canadian fiction adventure which Yann Martel survives from a sinking ship and managing to get on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker and a few animals. Night is the story of Eliezer Wiesel living in a Nazi concentration camp alongside his father. Both Elie and Pi were put in scenarios where they had to focus mainly on survival. Pi engages in problem solving skills to survive to the end of his hauling journey whereas Elie becomes hardened and tough until he's ultimately rescued. First began when Elie was working in the camp for food, tiring long hours shifts for a loaf of bread. Meanwhile pi would fish for food to feed Richard Parker and himself. Pi kept on having good happening to him example would be that he would always have food to feed himself and Richard Parker which would increase their chances of survival. Meanwhile in night the more they went through difficult times it seemed that Elie would give up on survival. Elie witnessed murders and his father's health get worse as time goes on. Elie says "Our heads empty and heavy , our brains a whirlwind of decaying memories. Our minds numb with indifference here or elsewhere, what did it matter? Die today or tomorrow or later? The night was growing longer , never ending." (Elie pg 98). Eliezer has given up on life. Back then, Eliezer had strong faith he believed he would get through any difficulty. Pi was different he believed in 3 gods he prayed on numerous occasions, this shows how strong his belief is. Furthermore throughout the long nights and days during survival of Pi and Eliezer, what kept them alive is their mental strength. Pi and Elie ae both in their teens, they haven't fully developed. " I did not weep and it pained me that I could not weep, but I had no more tears. And in the death of my being in the recess of my weekend conscienle could i have searched it I might perhaps found it like free.( Elie pg 98). Elie demonstrates his mental toughness as a young teen facing life and death situation. He states that he could not show any emotions . Pi had the same case he could not show any fear or backing down because Richard Parker will smell the fear and turn him to dinner.." i survived 227 days, thats how long my trial lasted over seven months" before crashing in Mexico. Finally ,both characters show compassion when their life is holding on a string. I argue that if Elie had food and was almost dying I believe that he would spare the piece of bread to his dying father. When people are on the verge of dying they would do anything to survive. Normally when you have no source of food and in the middle of the sea . most people would keep the food to themselves and show no awe to an animal. Pi showed he cared and provided food for Richard Parker. " "That bungled goodbye hurts me to this day. I wish so much that i'd had one last look at him in the life boat, that I'd provoke him a little s that i'd be on his mind. I wish I had said to him then-yes, I know, to a tiger" Pi shows his appreciation towards the tiger . He found a new friend that he had to say goodbye to.

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