Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Not sure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Not sure - Essay Example Almost all organizations conduct an interview before recruiting employees to determine the candidates who are most competent to fit for the vacant position (Townsend 2007, p. 87). Managers use a first interview (screening), an interview conducted either via the phone call or at the office of the employer (Eung 2011, p. 56). This type of interview is brief and usually lasts for 40-60 minutes. During this interview, the interviewing managers will mainly want to know the candidate’s skills and experiences. Most interviewing managers make use of the screening interviews to describe organizational operations as well as the position (Seidman 2006, p. 34). If the managers are impressed by the candidate’s performance at this first interview, they invite the candidate for a second interview. The second interviews are usually longer compared to the first one and may take three hours or even a whole day. This interview involves a variety of interview questions, which are in form of testing. They also involve lunch or dinner, taking the interviewees out for a tour, as well as conducting a series of interviews to different candidates (Macan 2009, p. 14). The purpose of this interview is to make the interviewees to come out with full understanding of the organizational structure, culture, working environment, responsibilities of the job they are applying for, and gain enough know how to decide whether to take the job. Interviewers should choose the form of interviewing that they feel would be most effective. Behavioral interviewing also known as competence interviewing is the most effective form of interviewing used in most organizations. This type of interview requires the interviewee to draw about their experiences and give specific examples that demonstrates his or her competence in the applied post (Sund, Carin & Carin 2008, p. 33). This type of interviewing is more effective than unstructured interviewing in

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